EPCS Certification
The OnCallData v5.0 has been certified for the Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) through Surescripts. Per DEA requirements outlined in DEA 21 CFR Part 1311, OnCallData v5.0 has been third party audited by a certifying organization, ComplySmart, LLC (now Drummond Group, LLC), whose certification processes have been approved by DEA.

EPCS Audit Report
Surescripts Certification
OnCallData v5.0 prescriber software connected directly to Surescripts via HTTPS and mTLS has completed Surescripts® certification testing for prescription routing messaging (NewRx, RxRenewalRequest, RxRenewalResponse, CancelRx, CancelRxResponse, RxChangeRequest, RxChangeResponse, Verify, Status, Error).

The OnCallData v5.0 software is afforded this certification for the following:
  • Surescripts E-Prescribing EA CG 6.1.2 2019 08 30 and Directories EA IG 6.1.1 2019 01 30
  • E-Prescribing v6.1 Messages: NewRx, RxRenewalRequest, RxRenewalResponse, CancelRx, CancelRxResponse, RxChangeRequest , RxChangeResponse, Verify, Status, Error
  • Directories v6.X with the following automated message types:DirectoryDownload, AddProviderLocation , DeactivateProviderLocation , UpdateProviderLocation , GetProviderLocation
  • EPCS Services
  • Connectivity direct to Surescripts via HTTPS and mTLS
EPCS Certification Notice