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Write and send new prescriptions
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pharmacy in seconds!
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Review patient medication history
online, automatically check
drug-to-drug, drug-allergy
interactions, drug formulary
and patient eligibility.
A leader in e-prescribing!
The first prescribing solution in a statewide
Rhode Island initiative with Surescripts
and Rhode Island Quality Institute.
The first e-prescribing solution to connect
Giant pharmacies to physicians,
in partnership with NDCHealth.
The first prescribing solution to be certified
by Surescripts -the electronic gateway
to over 55,000 pharmacies.
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Full-Featured Electronic Prescribing
OnCallData is the FIRST two-way electronic prescribing service between physicians and pharmacies.

OnCallData provides a rich, full-featured electronic prescribing system with state-of-the-art medication reconciliation, electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS), drug utilization review, real-time formulary and patient benefits checks, electronic prior authorization services, and prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP).
Electronic Prescribing Controlled Substances
OnCallData’s certified EPCS solution provides state-of-the-art security for any Internet-connected devices. Both USB security tokens and Mobile Authentication are supported. For more details on OnCallData EPCS, click here.
Electronic Prior Authorization
OnCallData checks if a drug requires prior authorization (ePA) within seconds, and within the script-writing workflow. Most ePA decisions are completed within an hour, and all ePAs are tracked by OnCallData support. For more details on OnCalLData’s ePA solution, please click here.
Real-time Formulary and Benefits Check
OnCallData provides patient formulary status of a drug, drug alternative formulary statuses, and coverage-level specifics for a drug in real-time and within the script-writing workflow; an additional click provides real-time patient benefits, including copay, deductible information, and relative costs of mail order and longer-term prescriptions.
Prescription Drug Monitoring Program
Many states require providers to participate in a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, tracking patient narcotic prescriptions. OnCallData is integrated with a third party, Appriss Health, which provides the gateway for many states programs. Through this integration, you are able to fulfill the state PDMP requirements.