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OnCallData provides a convenient and secure way to write electronic prescriptions using personal computers, tablets, or any other Internet connected device.

What OnCallData™ Can Do For You and Your Practice.

  • Write legible prescriptions and approve refills securely, and electronically to ALL pharmacies, in seconds
  • At the point of care, check
    • drug-to-drug interactions
    • drug-to-allergy interactions
    • patient eligibility
    • formulary
  • Actionable Medication Management and Reconciliation
  • Utilize your existing PC, tablets, or any Internet-connected device
  • Save time for your staff and you - practices report saving up to 2 to 3 hours a day!
  • Developed by physicians, for physicians
  • Offers ease of use and convenience to you, your staff, and your patients
  • Ensures that accurate prescriptions are received by the pharmacist
  • A survey of your colleagues who have utilized the service shows that they have more to spend with their patients and more personal time

Sign up NOW to save time and money

Simply fill out the Registration form or contact your OnCallData Representative at 800-576-0526.

The annual service fee for OnCallData is $600.00 per provider

Fees for additional optional services
  • For EPCS, providers must be identity proofed and issued a private security certificate on a token issued by a third party vendor, IdenTrust. Additional fees are charged by IdenTrust.
  • A onetime import of patient demographic data from your practice management system, $200.00 (One time fee)
  • Integration with your practice management system to provide continuous patient demographic updates. $500.00 (One time fee)
  • Custom integrations with other vendor systems are individually negotiated
  • There are no limitations on the number of scripts you are able to send using OnCallData.
  • Medication history retrieved from pharmacies and PBMs may be limited to two years.

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