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OnCallData™ Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is OnCallData?
    OnCallData is an innovative electronic prescribing service enabling physicians to send prescriptions and refills to pharmacies in seconds. OnCallData eliminates time-consuming phone calls and faxes between physicians and pharmacies, while improving patient safety, compliance, and practice efficiency.

  2. How easy is it to use OnCallData?
    The OnCallData service is extremely intuitive and user-friendly. The service is available on any web-capable device, including smart cell phones, wireless PDAs, and desktop PCs. You could be sending prescriptions within an hour of signing up!

  3. How does it work on my PC?
    You would simply access the OnCallData™ web site,, and then follow the prompts.

  4. Is there more work for my staff?
    No. Current users are saving upwards of 10 minutes per prescription, and some offices are saving 2-6 hours per day!

  5. Are there any restrictions to using OnCallData™ ?
    You may use OnCallData™ to send prescriptions to ANY pharmacy, with ANY web-enabled device, at ANYTIME, from ANYwhere.

  6. Can OnCallData™ be accessed and submitted via a web site or PDA?
    You or your staff can access and use OnCallData from your PC, laptop, or handheld computer, as long as it has the ability to connect to the Internet.

  7. Can my nurse or assistant use the service on my behalf?
    With your permission, yes. They will have their individual usernames and passwords. Each staff member can also be assigned one of many security levels (read-only, queue for approval, administrative only, or full privileges).

  8. How secure is the service in terms of patient-data privacy?
    All data is 128-bit SSL encrypted, and the web site is secure. Patient data or physician data will not be revealed.

  9. How does the prescription get transmitted to the pharmacy?
    Presctiptions are transmitted to the desired pharmacy (OnCallData™ has over 72,000 pharmacies in it's database) electronically or via fax. Physicians and their staff no longer have to be on the phone with the pharmacy, or feed their office fax machines since OnCallData™ handles this for you.

  10. How do I reach OnCallData™ Customer Service or Technical Service?
    Please call toll-free 800-576-0526, M-F 8:00 a.m-7:00 p.m. EST, and our staff will be happy to assist you. After 7pm, OnCallData is reachable via an answering service and an OnCallData representative will call you back.

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