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Dr. Allan M. Weinstein, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Allan M. Weinstein, M.D. has enjoyed a diversified career with a focus on education as a practicing physician, health educator, inventor, and independent entrepreneur. Currently, he is actively associated with the following Companies, all of which are commercializing patented and/or patent-pending technologies: Chairman of Spiritus Pharmaceuticals, a specialty pharmaceutical company devoted to improving the lives of those with respiratory diseases; Chairman of MinibarRx, a disruptive technology for managing vaccines and biologics with the foremost mission of disease prevention through increased vaccination rates; Chairman of ShareStream, a leading online video platform and media-management solution provider for education worldwide; Chairman of InstantDx/OnCallData, a pioneer in electronic prescribing and healthcare-transaction services, serving as an innovation partner to some of the largest companies in healthcare; Chairman of Instant Medical Diagnostics, a one-step rapid-diagnostic platform focused on hepatitis C and medical conditions requiring immediate diagnosis; and Co-founder of J-MED Pharmaceuticals, a 25-year-old intellectual property pharmaceutical company, with a diversified patent portfolio that began with the licensing of both prescription and over-the-counter day/night (antihistamine/decongestant) products for cold, cough and flu.

Dr. Weinstein is the author of the book Asthma: The Complete Guide to Self-Management of Asthma and Allergies for Patients and Their Families, published by McGraw-Hill and Random House. He is Board-certified in Internal Medicine and Allergy and Clinical Immunology, and completed his medical training at National Jewish Health in Denver.

Krishnan Seshadri, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
Chief Technology Officer for InstantDx; formerly Senior Practice Director with Oracle for over 13 years where he was responsible for managing a successful architecture consulting practice and several projects within Oracle in healthcare, biotechnology, financial services and manufacturing. He holds an undergraduate degree from the Indian Institute of Technology and a Masters degree from Tulane University.

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